Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living

Life Lessons

Where Are You, Rico?

I blogged last month about my experience with great customer service provided by a man named Rico. Here’s the other side of the coin—what happens when a customer is treated poorly. Unfortunately, I think this side of the coin is a lot more familiar to most of us. My husband and I were discussing where…
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The following post was written last spring, before this blog was up and running. It seems particularly appropriate today. Last night, a family member was admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Life continues to teach me about tough love and grace. I have a daily yoga routine that ends with a short meditation. In…
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Falling in Love with Conflict

I was in a training class for advanced coaching skills recently. One of the things that I got out of the class was the idea that conflict is a signal of something new trying to emerge in a system. The system could be a marriage, a work team, or a small business. I remember when…
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Katrina, Part 2

The aftermath of Katrina continues to unfold. I have forgotten if this is week 3 or 4. The stories have shifted in tone from “how could this happen?” to “what happened?” to “who screwed up?” to “what will we do next?” In this stage, the news media has settled into a calmer analysis of the…
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Habits for Happiness

A friend and colleague of mine, Shawn Snelgrove, runs a business, Brainstorming A La Mode, about creativity. In her newsletter, she references Richard Koch and his book, "80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less" . Koch points out seven habits for happiness: Get Exercise Stimulate Your Mind Express Yourself Creatively Do…
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The Outcome Matters

I’ve been playing engineer this week–trying to figure out the intracies of autoresponders (that slick software that automatically emails you after subscribing to a newsletter), merchant accounts, blog templates, and even messing with HTML code. I especially enjoyed changing the part of the code that creates my newsletter where my web designer stated explicitly "Don’t…
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