Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living

Life Lessons

Brianna Joanna

I have an imaginary daughter. She’s about 13 years old (give or take a few months), has thought about modeling, loves Pottery Barn bedroom furnishings, and is just about ready to start those SAT prep courses. Brianna Joanna is the daughter that the direct marketing industry created. About once a month, for the last few…
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Posts I Love

Here are some posts on other blogs that are worth talking about. You can tell because I commented on most of these posts on the blog itself (although from what I hear from Seth Godin, providing comments is “out” and blogging about other blogs as a way of providing comments is “in.” Hey, you mean…
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We have been immersed in the news glut of Katrina for about a week now. Every newscast, every paper, every media-related website reports something about Katrina, every day. Even the images that automatically download when I start up Real Audio each morning display something about Katrina. I’m reminded of the Columbine tragedy (BTW—what constitutes a…
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What I’m Noticing

My apologies in advance for the long posting. Sometimes, when stuff piles up inside, there’s a lot to say when I start writing…. I’ve been waiting until today to blog about Katrina. It’s been hard to make sense of it. Like the proverbial onion that has many layers, each day seems to bring another layer…
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When You Get a “Q” without a “U”

I played the word game, Scrabble, with my husband last week. It had been years since we played, just the two of us, mano a mano. We both love word games and are competitive. We each have taken so long on a turn, hoping to eek out a few extra points with a better word,…
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Will The Real Carol Ross Please Stand Up?

Middle of the night web-surfing can be fun (no, I’m not talking about looking at pictures of naked people…) I googled myself tonight. You know–putting my name into Google and seeing what comes up. I used to get annoyed when I saw all these other people named Carol Ross who came up before my listing.…
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