Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living

Life Lessons

Now If Only the Post Office Would Take Note

I was at the PostNet store down the street this past week. I was in a hurry, on my way to an appointment, and needed to get two packages sent with tracking numbers. The clerk, named Rico, looked at the two packages and told me immediately that one of the packages needed to be re-wrapped.…
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You Have Permission

I went to an all-day seminar on branding–and came home by noon. I could feel myself getting bored and while I was getting some good tips, I couldn’t see spending another four hours to get a few more tips. No offense against the presenters–these were all very experienced people who had won awards in their…
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I Could Do This Job

I saw this job posting in an email: "Training/OD Manager, Denver, CO, 8 month contract assignment – client is looking for a project manager to help company with major initiative to expand the number of college hires and their integration into the company. Need someone to work with a fleet of consultants and inside subject…
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Identity Theft

There’s been alot written about identity theft–when someone assumes another’s identity for the purpose of committing fraud. But what happens when we lose our identity, not because someone else has taken it away, but because it no longer fits? Who are you and who are you not? There are many reasons why an identity may…
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Treating the Workplace as Classroom

I’m just finishing the book, The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block. It’s a book that continues the theme started in Block’s previous book, Stewardship, of taking individual responsibility to create the world you want, and not relying on the company you work for to be Mom and Dad. Block provides alot of…
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The Look of a Satisfied Child

I am writing this post at 11pm. I have one child sleeping soundly in bed and another puttering in his room with Legos. Both are pretty happy campers. We had dinner at an Italian buffet, called Cinzetti’s. They tout 14 stations, each with a different kind of food–pasta, pizza, ice cream, salads, meats… you get…
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