Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living

Life Lessons

Treating the Workplace as Classroom

I’m just finishing the book, The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block. It’s a book that continues the theme started in Block’s previous book, Stewardship, of taking individual responsibility to create the world you want, and not relying on the company you work for to be Mom and Dad. Block provides alot of…
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The Look of a Satisfied Child

I am writing this post at 11pm. I have one child sleeping soundly in bed and another puttering in his room with Legos. Both are pretty happy campers. We had dinner at an Italian buffet, called Cinzetti’s. They tout 14 stations, each with a different kind of food–pasta, pizza, ice cream, salads, meats… you get…
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Overheard on the Hiking Trail

I went for a hike this morning at a popular local trail. I usually like something a bit more secluded but this trail was just a few minutes from where I was dropping off the kids for a day camp. The parking spaces on the side of the road appeared to be all taken. I…
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What Niche Really Means

My husband has unwittingly helped me see what it really means to have a niche in coaching and writing. In the past, I have asked him to review marketing materials as well as articles that I’m working on. He has always been polite and reserved with his input–commenting more on the grammar rather than the…
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Mission Accomplished

Three things happened this week to make me grateful for the good health that I enjoy. First, I attended a monthly meeting of my local International Coach Federation chapter, the Boulder Coaches Alliance. This is the place where coaches gather to network and learn from each other. It’s also a great way for coaches, used…
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Three Questions

I discovered a new blog today, written by Hanna Cooper. Discovering a new blog with lots of good stuff is bit like finding a new friend. Hanna has a posting about a children’s story that asks three simple questions: When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is…
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