• How do I get results that matter—new opportunities, job leads, clients—using social media?
  • My life is already jam-packed!  How can I find the time for social media?
  • I know I need to network more effectively and efficiently.  Can social media really help?
  • I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook, but don’t know how well it’s working for me.

Sound familiar?  Many people no longer fear social media, but also have no strategy to get tangible outcomes. (Photo by cambodia4kidsorg)

If you are a professional with the desire to make savvy use of social media to advance your career or business goals AND the motivation to take action now, read on…..


Create Your Social Media Strategy, and Implement It 

This two-part program is designed to help you use social media to get concrete results, while making the best use of your time.  Eliminate trial and errorSpend time on activities that will pay dividends.  Strengthen relationships–with friends, customers, and colleagues. Form new relationships online.

LinkedIn Professional

Part 1, recorded webinar.   In this webinar, you will learn how to create a tailored social media strategy that ensures advancement of your professional goals. This includes:

  • Five principles for using social media effectively
  • Specific actions/behaviors to incorporate into your strategy
  • Ways to connect with the people you need to know—and those who need to know you
  • Leveraging the power of small interactions to foster a sense of “digital intimacy”, while staying relevant and visible with your “brand community”.

Part 2, Workbook and Worksheet.  What good is a strategy if it never gets implemented?  We’ve created a Workbook that walks you through the social media adoption cycle, allowing one to “ease in” and use social media effectively and efficiently.   The accompanying Worksheet provides a framework for shaping your strategy and tracking the implementation of your strategy.


What Purchasers are Saying:

“This program provides insights from professionals who know what they are doing.”

“Great job! I think there is a demand for info on how to use social media productively and professionally.”

“Once again, my alma mater has come through with a way to move my career forward in a new direction.”

“It was easy to follow, well organized and a lot of valuable information.”

“Convenient and relevant.”

“I thought it was a great value.”


In a follow-up survey sent to purchasers, 100% of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed that this program will help them in their career.  Ready to get some help in your career?



Create Your Social Media Strategy and Implement It$69



About the Presenter and Moderator

Walter Our presenter, Walter Akana, is a certified personal branding strategist and career coach. After more than twenty-five years in the financial services industry, he founded Threshold Consulting, where he helps mid-career professionals in transition, by “making their own game.”  In addition, he is a trusted resource for clients of Reach Communications and Right Management. Walter’s career advice has been featured in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, marketwatch.com, cnnmoney.com, onlinewsj.com. He is a graduate of Columbia University and lives in Atlanta.

Connect with Walter on LinkedIn.  Follow him on Twitter (@walterakana).  Read his musings at www.walterakana.com and his thoughts about careers, personal branding, and social media on his blog.


What Others Are Saying About Walter Akana

TonyabioWalter gave me a gift of knowledge that will pay dividends for years to come.  I highly recommend hiring him if you are looking for guidance on how to best position and market yourself through social media.  He has a rich history of experiences and an award winning method of delivering his message.“–Tonya Clement, Director of Sales, Stonewear Designs and  Motivational Speaker, Beyond Everest


Walter has both style and substance when he facilitates. He keeps the material fresh and the audience engaged with fun stories that bring the concepts to life.  His expertise also includes: writing, staying current on social media, and helping individuals differentiate themselves through personal branding.” – Kalpana Murthy, LPC, NCC, Senior Career Management Consultant, Right Management


“I’m grateful that social media has led me to know many great people, and Walter is a person that I’m honored to know and work with. He shares his knowledge freely and always gives his best advice to everyone on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.  Despite his limited time, he is always there when it comes to helping people grow their business and improve their personal branding.”Mohammed Al Taee, PMPCoach and Blogger, AltaeeBlog.com


Carol Ross RayNgPhoto cropped Our moderator, Carol Ross, is a career coach, entrepreneur, national speaker and writer with more than two decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Since 2003, she has coached executives and professionals not only to be better leaders, but also live better stories.   Carol’s career advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, U.S. News & World Report, and Whole Living.  She has been described by NYT best-selling author, Daniel Pink, as the “intelligent professional’s guide to navigating careers in a world where being competent is not enough.”  Connect with her on Twitter (@carolross) and on LinkedIn.