Does this sound like you?

  • You experience the “networker’s challenge”: introducing yourself without  feeling like you are bragging
  • You have a LinkedIn profile that you are embarrassed to show others. You haven’t spent time on it because you don’t know how to make it sound more like you and less like everyone else.
  • You are frustrated by a lack of response in the job market, and know you need to better showcase what you offer employers.
  • You find it difficult to tell others the unique value you deliver and how you got to where you are today.

Savvy professionals know that personal branding–presenting yourself and the value you provide in an authentic and compelling manner–is the foundation for successful career management. Yet today, it’s critical to take personal branding to the next level and learn how to use story-telling as the vehicle for conveying your brand.  (Photo by Zach Klein)


If you are a professional with a need to stand out in a crowded marketplace, read on...


Discover Your Brand Story Program

Discover Your Brand Story Program is designed to help you tell your story online (e.g. LinkedIn profile, About Me page) and in-person (e.g., networking, interviews.)  By the time you finish this package, expect to have an updated profile that you can be proud to show to others!

There are three parts to Discover Your Brand Story:

  • Part 1, “Getting Started” Webinar recording.  This one-hour webinar gets you ready to develop your own brand story.  You’ll learn what makes for a great story, and how each person has a story waiting to be told.  You’ll also see examples of brand stories from professionals working in a range of fields. 
  • Part 2, Remarkable Online Profile Kit.  You’ll use this self-guided kit to follow a step-by-step process for discovering and developing your brand story. The kit provides “coaching on paper” for deep introspection as well as a structured methodology based on screenwriting principles for crafting your story.   Expect to invest 10-12 hours to create a story that is unique to you and that can support your career succeess.  Watch this video of how the Kit profoundly impacted one user and her work:


  • Part 3, Profile Critique Webinar recording.  Learn how to further improve your brand story by listening to critiques of LinkedIn profiles of three professionals, by the co-creators of the Remarkable Online Profile Kit.  Using the brand story concept, Walter Akana and Carol Ross provide feedback on strengths of each LinkedIn profile and give concrete tips on how to improve each profile.      


“Just a quick report on the immediate reaction I got when I changed my profile.  I received an invitation from someone I didn’t know to speak at a women’s business group luncheon.  I had two other people from other friends’ networks “discover” me while surfing for new connections. Both indicated that they were drawn to me because of my profile, and one wants to meet me to discuss a business opportunity.   Wow!  That’s instant gratification.”

Victoria Hamburg Cummings

Television and film producer


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to shape your unique work and life experiences into a brand story that truly differentiates you in the marketplace, while enhancing visibility and credibility.
  • The 20/70/10 rule for telling your brand story.
  • How the elements of great screenwriting (e.g., theme) can be applied to your brand story to make it memorable and engaging.  


Watch this video as our presenter, Walter Akana, reviews a remarkable online profile:




What Professionals Are Saying About Brand Story

Katherine rekkas, photo This is an amazing process tool for self-assessment!  It guided the entire experience of introspection, writing, and rewriting so I could develop an online profile that truly reflects who I am and what I can offer.  I highly recommend it.

Katherine Rekkas

Curriculum designer


Cindy Wright, photo “I am not really like everyone else so why was I trying to write a resume and profile that was like everyone else’s? Discover Your Brand Story helped me to refocus my message on what I really like to do and what is unique about me. I hope that telling my story in an authentic way  will help me to find a new job that is truly the perfect fit!”

Cindy Wright

MBA “re-launcher”


Tonya Clement, University of Colorado Leeds alumna, business executive and mountain climber talks about the evolution of her LinkedIn profile, to include her brand story:



“Taking the time to think about where I have been and where I want to go professionally was truly inspirational – such a simple act with so much impact!”

Fiona Schlacter, Entrepreneur

Chrissy-Headshot “For the first time ever, I really saw how all of my professional background led me to where I am today. I have had such an easier time now to explain to people what I do and why.”

Chrissy Scivicque, Writer and Career Strategist



 Discover Your Brand Story Program:  $149





About the Creators of the Discover Your Brand Story…

Walter Walter Akana is a certified personal branding strategist and career coach. After more than twenty-five years in the financial services industry, he founded Threshold Consulting, where he helps mid-career professionals in transition, by “making their own game.”  In addition, he is a trusted resource for clients of Reach Communications and Right Management. Walter’s career advice has been featured in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution,,, He is a graduate of Columbia University and lives in Atlanta.

See Walter’s brand story by reading his LinkedIn profile.  Follow him on Twitter (@walterakana).


Carol Ross RayNgPhoto cropped Carol Ross is a career coach, entrepreneur, national speaker and writer with more than two decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Since 2003, she has coached executives and professionals not only to be better leaders, but also to live better stories.   Carol’s career advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times,  U.S. News & World Report, and Whole Living.  She has been described by NYT best-selling author, Daniel Pink, as the “intelligent professional’s guide to navigating careers in a world where being competent is not enough.”

A social media enthusiast since 2005, Carol authors three blogs and writes regularly about careers, networking and professional development for websites and organizations such as the Northwestern Alumni Association and, a PBS site for Baby Boomers.  Connect with her on Twitter (@carolross).