When was the last time you heard someone say, “I love networking and I’m good at it!” 


Unfortunately, for most people, great networking doesn’t come naturally. In fact, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the word, “networking,” conjure up images of smooth talkers and “schmoozers”, sterile ballrooms, and skimpy appetizers?
  • Does the thought of attending a networking event make your palms sweaty and increase your pulse? Do you brace yourself for an unpleasant experience?
  • Does networking feel disingenuous–focused only on personal gain and being someone who you are not?

If you answered yes, read on. You’ve probably been told that networking is a must for your career.  And yet, as a busy professional, you don’t have the time or inclination to “figure this out” on your own.

Networking doesn’t just help you find a job or enhance your career. It enriches your life. 

Enriched life, conversationGreat networking leads to:

  • Friends, colleagues, collaborators, and acquaintances who continually bring you ideas, opportunities, encouragement, and wisdom
  • Clients who resonate with what you have to offer and are willing to pay for it
  • Mentors who will be there for you, no matter what, whether it’s the answer to a simple question or an introduction to someone you want to meet or advice on a tough problem

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I want to make you a better networker.

You can network more effectively, with less stress, and in a way that’s congruent with your own personality and style. How?  Start by listening to the webinar, “Networking Naturally for the Busy Professional”. Invest an hour of your time and attention, have an open mind, and be willing to apply what you learn, immediately.

Who is this for? 

Whether you are a newbie in the work world or a seasoned professional, you’ll want to attend if networking feels hard. Worst case: Networking sucks the life out of you.  You spend time worrying, preparing for the worst, and planning for an early exit if things get too awkward. Best case:  Networking takes more energy than you would like.  It’s uncomfortable and you have to “gear up” to get through it. And you see networking as a core strategy for achieving your professional or personal goals.  Professionals who have listened to this program include:

  • New graduates or soon-to-be graduates
  • Laid-off professionals
  • Experienced managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career changers
  • Professional service providers, responsible for business development


What’s included?

Webinar recording (approx. 60 mins)
Bonus material, including:
  • Questions to Ask When Networking Naturally
  • Side-by-side comparison of ineffective networking behavior and effective networking behavior (i.e., not this, but that)
  • A recorded audio interview with an expert on growing “developmental networks”, also known as a personal board of directors. These are mentors who can help you get to the next place in your career.


What you’ll learn

After listening to this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate ineffective (and commonly subscribed to) networking behaviors. Stop wasting time on things that don’t work.
  • Identify principles that all successful networkers use–Principles of Networking Naturally.  We provide a simple metaphor to help you remember these Principles, because using what you learned is what matters.
  • Describe what the Principles look like when applied to your life.  You will observe a live demonstration of the Principles in action that will translate theory into real life.
  • Feel more confidence and less stress when networking.



Networking Naturally for the Busy Professional: $69


Why I’m Passionate About Networking

Carol Ross RayNgPhoto croppedUnderstanding how to network has made a huge difference in my life. Over the course of my career, spanning two decades in technology companies and nearly a decade as a small business owner, I’ve used networking to take charge of my destiny and create opportunities where none seemed to exist. Through networking, I’ve had the following results:

  • Obtained a higher paying and better fitting job within weeks of being laid off
  • Made major career transitions with relative ease–from working as an engineer to running a successful coaching practice to building a multi-faceted company and developing a community for social entrepreneurs
  • Connected with business decision makers that led to six-month consulting gigs
  • Obtained paying clients when I needed them most–during start-up of a new business and the worst recession in decades
  • Attracted collaborators on projects
  • Developed a distinctive brand within the coaching industry
  • Invited to speak at national conferences, to provide advice for a New York Times career column, and to write articles for a PBS site for Baby Boomers.

Some people think you’re either born with networking skills or not, that you can’t develop them. That’s not true. I have helped coaching clients, from COOs and attorneys to engineers and bankers improve their confidence and ability to network in their own individual style.

Over the years, I shared my knowledge about networking through articles and blog posts. In January 2009, I published a blog post about the biggest networking mistakes people make.  Many readers commented and passed on the blog posting to family, friends, colleagues, and staff, sometimes 20-30 people at a time. I realized there was a hunger among professionals for great networking advice.

This led to the development of a three-webinar series on networking. I have delivered this series to thousands of professionals in over 20 countries, from Bahrain to Brazil to India to the Phillipines.  This webinar is the latest version of that work, distilled down to the essentials for the busy professional. I’ve stripped out the extraneous, so that you can focus on the stuff that really matters. The stuff you absolutely need to know.  (For the engineers out there, this webinar has a very high Signal-to-Noise ratio.)



Here is what past participants have said about my work and the Principles of Networking Naturally: Your presentation was one of the best and most valuable seminars I have ever attended–no exaggeration.  It is less than 24 hours after leaving the seminar, and I have already put into practice some of the skills and suggestions you taught.  I cannot wait to try out your “cow principles” at my next networking event.

–Samantha H. Kravitz, Attorney, Delaney McKinney, LLP, Chevy Chase, MD

“I’ve already had positive results, not only in my job search, but with personal relationships, which is an added bonus!”

–Nancy Gallagher, Commercial Real Estate Professional

“Everyone has a network, yet knowing how to leverage that network for everyone’s benefit is a challenge.  It’s like figuring out how to crack open an oyster shell to find the shiny pearl inside; inside each network are many pearls – both people that need help and people that can help me.  The Principles of Networking Naturally gave me the tools to open the “oysters” of relationships in my existing network, foster them, and find ways to help others and myself in the process.”

Hubert Kim, Strategic Business Development Manager   “


I’ve learned that networking can be as easy as breathing.  I can do it wherever I am. I feel more enlightened on this topic and not as fearful of networking as I was before. I feel that I’m armed with better tools that I can go out and use now.”

–John Bartucci, Product Management Professional

I’ve had occasion to try some of your ideas. To my surprise, I have two new clients, who will possibly also become friends (I hope, I hope!), and the possibility of two additional. And it all feels natural.”

–Lynn Pearson, www.pearsonandgraham.com

Both seasoned and novice networkers will benefit from the Principles of Networking Naturally. These principles provide a powerful framework for not only successful networking, but they can also be applied holistically in our roles as spouse, parent, friend, or colleague.

–Don Nelson


Great Networkers Know That…

“Successful networking is a process of deepening relationships, initiated through curiosity, unattached to outcome, guided by energy, and driven by the possibility of what can be created with another human being. It unfolds over time and rewards us with allies, collaborators, clients, and better lives.” This is what networking means to me. I hope to share more of this view with you soon. 

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Networking Naturally for the Busy Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • I’m an introvert. Will this work for me? Some of the biggest fans of Networking Naturally have been introverts who “discovered” they could network and gained confidence, using the Principles of Networking Naturally.  If you are willing to apply the Principles, there’s no reason they shouldn’t do the same for you. 
  • I consider myself an experienced networker.  Will I learn anything new?  The question to ask yourself is whether the networking experience takes more energy than you would like.  Do you find networking stressful or joyous?  If it’s currently stress-inducing, even experienced networkers will get benefit from applying the Principles of Networking Naturally.