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Stand Out & Belong Program

Are you a misfit who has been yearning to find your place in the world?

  • Have you spent years, even decades, trying to fit in?
  • Are you ready to cast away the expectations of others and lay down the need to conform?
  • Have you been longing to be unequivocally yourself, with no apologies?



It’s Not Easy Being a Misfit

A woman in a man’s world who feels the need to prove herself, continuously, in spite of a stellar track record.
A seasoned businessman lives out the expectations of others with yet another “stable job”, while secretly yearning for freedom and adventure, on his own terms.
A multi-disciplinary creative, with a corporate title that feels like a straight-jacket, experiences a Technicolor world that only she can see.
These are all misfits I’ve worked with, to unleash their power, by helping them to find their place in the world.
I know the pain of not fitting in. And the sweetness of belonging, without sacrificing part of who I am. I found my place in the world by focusing on three areas: Self-Mastery, Story, and Tribe.
It’s not an easy path but it is doable. But not choosing this path is worse:
  • Without Self-Mastery, you will be locked into an old story that no longer serves you, and keeps you playing small.
  • Without a Story, you are likely to be wandering without purpose, with a “lost in the woods” feeling.  It will be difficult to tell others who you are and what you bring to the table, in a genuine way.
  • Without your Tribe, you will struggle to find the opportunities to do the work that feeds your soul. You will continue to feel alone in the world.


Join me for a life transforming program. With the Stand Out and Belong Program, you will:

  • Walk your own path, the one that is uniquely yours to claim.
  • Experience the emergence of your brilliance, moving into a place of grace, ease, and power.
  • Attract your “tribe”, while bringing your belonging with you, wherever you go.
Clients report feelings of liberating freedom, newfound confidence and grounded clarity.


The Stand Out & Belong Program

I have taken the learning and experience from being a coach for over a decade and created a supercharged program that takes clients through the land of Self-Mastery, Story, and Tribe. In this powerful program, you will:
  1. Upgrade your “operating system”. Break self-sabotaging patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. Dismantle these patterns, permanently. Put into place new habits that nourish and empower you.
  2. Let go of overthinking and the chatter of your mind when life gets messy. Instead, trust your inner voice and experience the ease of synchronicity.
  3. Make more empowering choices. Shift from the energy of living in the “Victim” and “Overcoming” stories to the energy of living in your “Great” Story.
  4. Reclaim your power. Truly be the author of your story.
  5. Come home to yourself. Return to a sense of wholeness and oneness by re-connecting to forgotten parts of you.
  6. Feel the joy and clarity of claiming your unique work in the world. Identify the next chapter of your work, in the context of a body of work.
  7. Articulate to others how you got to be so good at what you do, when what you do in the next chapter may be drastically different from past jobs.
  8. Gather your tribe. Build a community of people who “get” who you are, see the value you bring, and gladly tell others about you.




Read Tim’s Story

Tim is a successful businessman who worked in high tech for over 25 years. Corporate life was what he was used to– the language of finance and supply chain, monthly plane trips and quarterly cost-cutting initiatives and yearly budgets, and yes, a steady paycheck that paid the bills for a family of six.
For years, he knew that another life was waiting for him, but he was afraid to leave what was known for the unknown. He was keenly aware of what made him come alive–being outdoors, the thrill of adventure, and deep satisfaction from connecting to others. And yet he waited..and waited…until he could wait no more to start on the next chapter of his life. He was no longer willing to live life only on the weekends.
Tim came to me asking for help. He was ready to move into action, but he didn’t have a clear direction. It was several more months before he started coaching with me.
He started down the path of finding his place in the world. Tim slayed his Gremlins about quitting a well-paying, but soul-sucking job. He shifted from being in the shadows, where frustration, anger and resentment come together, to expanding into glorious light-filled places of thrill, happiness, and passion.
Click to open & read the rest of Tims’s story
Tim tapped into his passion and grace to find the words for his website and write his brand story. And he began to build his brand community, with blog posts, titled “Helicopters, Sunday Drives, and BB Guns” and “The Question That Left Me Speechless” and “Walking a River”. Tim was unafraid to show more of who he is to attract the audience he wants to serve.
Recently, Tim left the high tech industry to launch his new business, Fishing for the Good Life. It is an embodiment of his passion for adventure and connection. Tim has traveled the path from burned out executive to living the good life. On Father’s Day, his teenage son gave him a hand-painted plaque with the name of his new business, Fishing for the Good Life.
This journey is not for the faint of heart. But for the right person, like Tim, it is the path to freedom, joy, and great satisfaction.
“Carol’s coaching has allowed me to start living again, stop playing defense and fully use all of my capabilities to build the career and –more importantly– the life I have always wanted. I have found my voice, as well as my place, in the world.”- Tim Wise 


The Details

Who is The Stand Out and Belong Program For?

This program is for you if…

  1.  You are a “crazy brilliant” misfit, searching for your place in the world. You yearn to find your tribe–the people who “get” who you are and see the value you bring to the table.
  2. You are at a crossroad in your career and you want to move forward with more power, purpose, and confidence.
  3. You feel stuck in an old story and are longing to write the next chapter, from a place of freedom, trust, and optimism.

Conversely, this program is not for you if…

  1. You are looking for a quick fix that involves changing your situation, without changing the “raw materials” of your internal world—your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  2. You don’t believe that you are the author of your story, nor do you want the responsibility of being the author of your story. You’d rather view yourself as a victim of circumstances that are beyond your control.
  3. You believe that your past is the primary determinate of your future.
How does The Stand Out & Belong Program work?
The Program consists of private coaching sessions, 3 group calls, a 3-day workshop with no more than six participants, and 4 online programs with audio recordings, PDFs, and exercises.
  • To cover the all of the material in this program, we will schedule a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 20 private coaching calls, spread out over 6-9 months.
  • We will cover the areas of Self-Mastery, Story, and Tribe, which include developing a polished “brand story” for your LinkedIn profile or About page, as well as identifying the people you are best able to serve and how to attract them, with ease.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone. Group calls are conducted via webinar platform. Workshop is in person, with location TBD. Travel and lodging for the workshop are not included in the Program fee. If there are not enough participants to conduct a workshop, the same work can be done with individual coaching sessions.
  • In between coaching sessions and group calls, you will be expected to complete homework, including journaling, structured reflective exercises, visualization, and audio learning.
  • Supplementary materials include PDFs and audio recordings from the following programs: Breakthrough to Your Great Story, Discover Your Brand Story, Create Your Social Media Strategy and Networking Naturally for the Busy Professional (worth over $1100)
How is the Stand Out and Belong Program different?
  • Most coaching programs start with self-awareness (e.g., who you are, what gets in your way) and expect change to emerge from that awareness . (“We’ve identified it and now change!”) But that’s not enough. In the Stand Out and Belong Program, you will be guided beyond self-awareness with a 4-step Responsibility Model that results in lasting change.
  • You will learn to listen to all parts of yourself, without judgment, so that your choices and decisions come from a richer, deeper place. Life gets a lot easier when you can discern the difference between your ego and true preferences.
  • You will get to the root cause of entrenched patterns. I use a powerful methodology that gets to a wounding event early in life that set in motion your unique Victim and Overcoming stories. These are the internal narratives that have played out externally, over decades, and kept you in the status quo.
  • The next chapter of your work will be masterfully manifested from the place of living your Great Story and compellingly articulated using the Brand Story framework. This framework includes a theme that ties together disparate experiences, a backstory that explains how your past fits into your present, and an aspiration that leaves the reader rooting for you to do your work in the world.
  • Who you become is partly based on who you surround yourself with. By connecting you to “believing eyes” and creating a community that validates who you are, at your core, you will have powerful, ongoing support after the Program ends.
photoI was in a job search but unable to articulate my value in a compelling way, in spite of having credentials and experience in an area undergoing significant growth. My approach was flat despite my best efforts to be articulate and engaged.
In working with Carol, I uncovered talents and aspects of my personality that I’d rarely revealed at work. In addition to helping me understand my strengths, Carol identified self-sabotaging behaviors.
All of this helped me to create a personal brand story that reflects who I am and explains why I do what I do. My networking has completely changed as I’m able to be myself and let my personality shine through. I now enjoy my job search and am interviewing with firms that are a great fit for me–positions that allow me to be the quirky, creator that I am.
Before working with Carol, I had fear and anxiety about the next phase of my career. Now, I’m optimistic that all is and will be well.
This investment has been worth every penny. What could be more important than coming to terms with yourself and being able to articulate it in a personal brand story? I could never have done this alone.



The fee for the Stand Out and Belong Program is $9997, payable before our first coaching session. I offer a payment plan, consisting of 6 monthly payments of $1797 each. I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and checks.

30-Day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee_orangeIf you aren’t satisfied with the Stand Out and Belong Program within the first 30 days, and you have faithfully put forth effort in the areas I’ve asked you to (e.g., actively engaged in the process of learning, exploring, and applying what you’ve learned), I’ll gladly refund your money.


Can’t decide? Click here to open a quick comparison of my two coaching programs
Great Story Program Stand Out & Belong Program
Number of Coaching Sessions 12-14 Sessions 18-20 Sessions
Timeframe 4-6 months 6-12 months
Supplementary online programs Breakthrough to your Great Story Breakthrough to your Great Story
Discover your Brand Story
Create your Social Media Strategy
Networking Naturally for the Busy Professional
Workshop No Brand Story Intensive (3 days)
Self-Mastery Yes Yes
Story Great Story Great Story + Brand Story
Tribe No Yes
Investment $6497 $9997

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