I help misfits find their place in the world.

I'm Carol Ross. Career coach, writer, and speaker.

Have you had enough of conforming--sacrificing bits and pieces of who you are to fit in?

Are you yearning for wholeness and integration?

Are you ready to *finally* shine, rather than apologize for being an outlier?

If so, I can help you:
  • Find your sweet spot, where life and work come together
  • Go beyond making a career change, to creating career integration
  • Make meaning of the twists and turns of your career (and life)
  • Bring into exquisite clarity what your next chapter looks like

Intrigued? You've come to the right place. Read on.

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Let your flag fly high

I was an outsider all of my life until one day...I stopped trying to fit in.

Because of that, I became more visible, in a good way. And because of that, I found kindred spirits. The act of standing out is the clarion call for like minds to come together. Finally, I found my place in the world.

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"Carol is the intelligent professional's guide to navigating careers in a world where being competent is not enough... you’ll wish you had discovered her sooner.”

Daniel Pink, New York Times best-selling author of  The Power of Regret, When, To Sell is Human, Drive, and A Whole New Mind

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"Carol Ross is a connector - and as natural as her message."

Jane Pauley, anchor of CBS Sunday Morning and former co-host of Today and Dateline NBC