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SHIFT! Impact of Social Media on Your Career

When it comes to moving forward with your career, how are things different today than 5 years ago? Up until a few years ago, you could manage your career successfully by focusing on your credentials, core skills, and track record. No more. A tsunami of social media has changed the key drivers of career success.…

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I’m Burning Out. Now, What?

Burnout is becoming more commonplace. It’s not just an increased workload or a more competitive landscape. As a culture, we are addicted to busyness and distraction. We suffer from an inability to set boundaries and to say “yes” to taking care of ourselves. We are living in an illusion—that we are in control, that we…

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Networking and Social Media, Q+A

In this recorded one-hour webinar, career coaches, Carol Ross and Walter Akana answer questions about networking and social media. They sprinkle in insights from their own research and practical experience with private clients.  This webinar was originally part of the Break Out of Your Bubble career development program, delivered in 2012.   About Walter Akana Walter Akana  is a…

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Coaching Demos

Listen in on real situations with real people who want more in life and work.  You’ll hear me coaching professionals on common career challenges–ones that you may be facing as well.   These recordings were originally made as part of podcast series, Live Action Coaching.

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Career Articles

I’ve been writing and blogging about careers since 2003, sometimes on my own blogs and sometimes as a guest blogger.  Here are a few of my favorite posts over the years: On Networking Do as I say, not as I do.  Many professionals think they are proficient at networking but don’t get the results that…

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