Unexpected Gifts in My Closet

I love gifts. Especially unexpected ones. Photo by Andre P. Meyer-Vitali For as long as I can remember, I have put artifacts and mementos from my life in shoe boxes. In the early years, a shoe box became the keeper of handwritten letters, ticket stubs, and theater programs. In the middle years, I stored birth…

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You Are a Genius

Those are the words I heard at a recent workshop that I gave.  I had just helped a participant make sense of key events in her life, to tell  a story of how her past fits into present and how she got to be so good at what she does today. I coached her in…

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What Is This Blog About?

It may be that you are reading this post because you’ve subscribed to one of my previous blogs/sites (e.g., via Feedblitz), including: Boundary Crosser A Bigger Voice Networking Naturally Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living Don’t worry.  Even though this new blog looks very different from my previous blogs and sites, you’ve come to the right place.…

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