Ready to step into your full power at work and in your life?

Emotional Fleuncy Toolkit

You have a superpower.

It's been with you since the day you were born.  And chances are, you've been discouraged from using it, so you buried it deep within you.  What is it?

Your emotions.

More specifically, your ability to feel all of your feelings, is the portal to creativity, aliveness and empowerment. You have access to more of you--both head and heart--when you allow your emotions to be a part of your human experience. I call this Emotional Fluency.

Emotional Fluency focuses on changing your internal world, so that your presence positively impacts others.  With Emotional Fluency, you will:

  • Be a more potent leader, at work and in life
  • Make better decisions
  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues, staff, bosses, family and friends

With the Emotional Fluency Toolkit, you'll get everything you need to harness the power and wisdom of emotions.  The Toolkit includes:

  • The Tiers of Emotion (a map of 21 emotions)
  • Instructions on determining your Emotional Comfort Zone
  • Daily practices to shift how you experience the world--and how others experience you

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


Carol, gesturing and smiling

About Carol Ross

I grew up in a household where I was told at an early age, "Never show your feelings."  So I went one step further and decided not to feel.  I believed that emotions were dangerous. I thought denying them would keep me safe. Boy was I wrong!

I can list a string of disastrous results that make the case: Not expressing emotions is hazardous--to your health, your creativity, your relationships, your career.  All of these have suffered in my life, as a result of denying emotions (yes, even in my previous life as an engineer!)  It's been a long road to realizing that all of my emotions are there for my benefit--from anger which shows me where my boundaries are, to fear alerting me to a potential danger, to sadness pointing to what really matters to me, to hope guiding my dreams, to despair providing a neon sign that I'm on the wrong path.

Like many people, my first experience in opening up to more emotion was going through therapy. Interestingly, what drove me to therapy was noticing how I could not remember anything about a traumatic time in my childhood. It was the lack of feeling and thought that triggered me to go deeper.

Since then, my career change into coaching (over a decade ago) has given me plenty of opportunity to practice, explore, and test the waters of opening my heart. It's been good for my clients and good for me.

Today, I am still on an exploration of feeling my all of emotions and understanding what they are telling me, like an internal GPS.   With each emotion that I reclaim, I am one step closer to coming home to myself.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi of Lucid Living for the following concepts: Victim Story/Overcoming Story/Great Story, Emotional Comfort Zone, False Emotions, and Emotional Fluency. I am standing on the shoulders of giants in doing the work I do today.