Are you stuck in an old story?

  • Do you dream of getting off the hamster wheel that you’ve been on for decades, but don’t know how?
  • Are you convinced that a bigger, richer, more meaningful life awaits you, but you can’t see the path to it?
  • Have you put the longings of your soul “on hold” to attend to the demands of everyday life?



Your Own Worst Enemy  

A top performer continues to be dogged by a feeling of “never good enough”, even as colleagues express their appreciation and bosses continue to give bonuses and awards.
A consultant with a thriving practice finds it hard to find work/life balance, even as she is yearning for more connection to family. Driven by a life-long perfectionist streak,  she never stops thinking about work, even when she is “off duty”.
An executive with an MBA from a prestigious university has had multiple setbacks, both personally and professionally.  He longs to feel the hope and optimism that he once had for the future. He can’t shake the feeling that he is “half the man” he once was.
Each of these clients came to me seeking a more meaningful, authentic life. Each had entrenched patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that weren’t serving them.
The starting point for their journey?  To examine the old stories that they had gotten accustomed to, to understand the genesis of those stories, as a way to eventually dismantle them.
Over time, these clients found light where there was darkness, compassion where there was judgment, and thrill where there was worry.
Over time, they changed how they reacted to situations that in the past, would have triggered their Gremlins.
Over time, they made new choices, leading to more connection and less separation in their lives.
I’ve been there–getting in my own way.  It’s what led to burning out in 2011.  As part of my recovery from burnout, I worked on my raw materials–thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I busted through the stories I had been telling myself for decades. I broke through entrenched patterns.
 It was as if I had upgraded my “operating system”.  Everything became easier.  And when this happened, I was able to manifest my deepest desires.
What happens when you continue to allow old patterns to run your life?  The results can be discouraging or even disastrous. Chances are, you will:
  • Settle for much less than what is possible for you.
  • Waste inordinate amounts of energy, chasing after the wrong things, steeped in fear, overwhelm, and frustration.
  • Continue to feed your Victim or Overcome Stories, for years to come, frozen in self-sabotaging patterns.


In the Great Story Program, you’ll gain the tools to shift your raw materials, so that your deepest desires are possible.  You will:

  • Step into a place of grace, ease, and power.
  • Enjoy more of your life, as you are living it.
  • Experience new opportunities emerging naturally, with ease.
Clients of this Program report feelings of liberating freedom, well-being and optimism for the future.  I’ve even had clients report physical differences–literally standing taller and looking ten years younger!

The Great Story Program

This program is designed to give you the foundation for making dramatic changes in your life. You will:
  1. Upgrade your “operating system”. Break self-sabotaging patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior.  Dismantle these patterns, permanently.  Put into place new habits that nourish and empower you.
  2. Let go of overthinking and the chatter of your mind when life gets messy. Instead, experience and trust the ease of synchronicity.
  3. Make more empowering choices. Shift from the energy of living in a “Victim” and/or  “Overcoming”  story to the energy of living in your “Great” Story.
  4. Identify the next chapter of your work, based on the resonance of what your heart desires.
  5. Reclaim your power. Truly be the author of your story.
  6. Come home to yourself. Return to a sense of wholeness and oneness by re-connecting to forgotten parts of you.


Coaching with Carol is a transformation. Carol took me on a clear path toward personal growth, with an empathic, fierce, and “just what I need” way of coaching.  At the end of the path, I walked away with a simple and profound understanding:  “I am not broken. I am.
If you are willing and ready to face yourself and fight for your true self, rather than hide, this divinely guided journey is just what you need.

–Mark Ambrozic, Network Engineer

The Details

This program is for you if…

  1.  You want to savor more of life, but can’t seem to slow down enough to do so.
  2. Your negative self-talk kicks in with a vengeance any time you try to make a significant change in your life. Your confidence in yourself and your future has been waning, and you are determined to get back on track.
  3. You are sick and tired of being stuck, and are no longer willing to settle for the status quo.

Conversely, this program is not for you if…

  1. You are looking for a quick fix that involves changing your situation, without changing the “raw materials” of your internal world—your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  2. You don’t believe that you are the author of your story, nor do you want the responsibility of being the author of your story.  You’d rather view yourself as a victim of circumstances that are beyond your control.
  3. You believe that your past is the primary determinate of your future.
The Program consists of an Enneagram assessment and debrief, private coaching sessions, and an online program, Breakthrough to Your Great Story, consisting of audio recordings, PDFs, and exercises.
  • We start with an assessment and debrief, to identify your Enneagram type. This helps us understand the kind of self-sabotaging patterns you are most prone to have, and who you are at your best when these patterns are consciously addressed.
  • This is followed by 14 coaching sessions, spread out over 5-6 months, covering the area of Self-Mastery and moving into your Great Story, as told through the lens of your soul.  Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone.
  • In between coaching sessions, you will be expected to complete homework, including journaling, structured reflective exercises, visualization, and audio learning.
  • Supplementary materials include PDFs and audio recordings from the Breakthrough to Your Great Story program (an $897 value). You will have access to the online program for a full year.
  • Most coaching programs start with self-awareness (e.g., who you are, what gets in your way) and expect change to emerge from that awareness. (“We’ve identified it and now change!”) But that’s not enough.  In the Great Story Program, you will be guided beyond self-awareness with a 4-step Responsibility Model that results in lasting change.
  • You will learn to listen to all parts of yourself, without judgment, so that your choices and decisions come from a richer, deeper place. This naturally moves you toward connection, rather than separation.
  • You will get to the root cause of entrenched patterns. I use a powerful methodology that gets to a wounding event early in life that set in motion your unique Victim and Overcoming stories. These are the internal narratives that have played out externally, over decades, and kept you in the status quo.


I’ve long felt as though I kept running up against the walls of an invisible box. I could tell that something was holding me back, but I couldn’t see what it was.  Now, I not only see what the “walls” are, they are falling down.  I’ve been able to let go of the feeling that I need to justify my worth or prove anything to anybody.  I’m gentler with myself, too.
Finally–I have been able to shed layers of inhibiting but unconscious beliefs that have kept me from moving forward on things that are important to me.  This is deep and soul-searching work!

–Robin Pruitt


The fee for the Great Story Program is $6997 payable before our first coaching session.  I also offer a payment plan, consisting of 5 monthly payments of $1500 each.  I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and checks.

30-Day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee_orangeIf you aren’t satisfied with the Great Story Program in the first 30 days, and you have faithfully put forth effort in the areas I’ve asked you to (e.g., actively engaged in the process of learning, exploring, and applying what you’ve learned), I’ll gladly refund your money.