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I love the energy in a room when everyone is engaged in learning.  Not just learning something nice to know, but something critical for meeting their personal goals.  People are like sponges, when they are motivated to be better–at their jobs, in their careers, at home, with friends and family. And best of all, when I’m immersed in that energy, I’m learning just as much as everyone else in the room.  I get a deeper understanding of why something so obvious to me has eluded so many others. I become humbled at what others have gone through, to be where they are today.  I am delighted by the question that no one else has ever asked me before, uncovering a nuance on a topic that I’ve taught for years. Whether I’m speaking to an audience of 50 or 500, I relish the opportunity to create an experience that inspires, educates, and moves people into action.



Over the last decade,  I’ve spoken on everything from The Three Traits of Extraordinary Leaders to Boundary Crossers and Second Curves to SHIFT! Impact of Social Media on Your Career.   These days, my favorite topics are tied to the Story and Tribe elements of my work:

  • Networking Naturally.  Part of working on your Tribe, this interactive workshop is designed to help attendees take the stress out of networking and get better results, in a way that feels natural. Attendees learn how to have a meaningful conversation with someone they just met and how to stay in touch afterward. Download Fact Sheet for Networking Naturally Workshop
  • Brand Story: The Perfect Answer to “What Do You Do?“.  Designed to help attendees get a start on working on their Story, this workshop teaches attendees how to shape unique work and life experiences into an authentic story of who they are and the value they deliver.  Participants will reflect on key moments in their life and identify points of differentiation.  Download fact sheet for Brand Story workshop

The path to standing out and belonging, in work and life, covers many topics.  If the above topics don't meet your needs, contact me anyway.  I'd love to brainstorm with you on how I can add value to your next event.

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Postdocs in Neuroscience, CEOs and fast track employees, alumni of top MBA programs, law students, women in STEM, even celebrities.  All have enjoyed and gotten a lot from my lively presentations.   My audiences expect a rich experience from an expert, and they get it.  On the topic of networking alone, I’ve spoken to over 2000 people in 20+ countries.

What Attendees Say


“No more ‘working’ a room. Carol Ross is a connector – and as natural as her message.”

Jane Pauley, author of “Your Life Calling” and former co-host of Today and Dateline NBC


"Carol Ross’s “Networking Naturally” session was a huge hit at our event. She made a room of over 300 attendees feel like they were in a one-on-one conversation. This is a great workshop for anyone wanting to improve his or her networking skills. Carol’s advice was easy to understand and had real substance.

And Carol was so professional and easy to work with; I hope to be able to hire her again for the next big event."

Betsy Keyes, The Leadership Investment, Success Forum Speaker Selection Committee Co-Chair

Rick Savely

"After listening to Carol give her Networking Naturally webinar series, I decided this was something that our staff could benefit from.  I found Carol’s approach innovative and very refreshing.  Her use of creative imagery and her “Carol-ism’s” (you’ll know what I mean when you see her work) to convey her thoughts and ideas really kept things interesting as well as informative.

We set up three groups of 10 people to listen to each of the three sessions. The participation and discussions we had after the sessions were more than we could have hoped for. I highly recommend Carol. Her enthusiasm is contagious."

Rick Savely, President, Savely Healthcare Architects

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“While you might think that networking is simply going to an event and passing around your business card, you will learn that it is much more than that! If you are willing to invest the time in this event, you will learn how to be yourself, make a connection by learning about others, and perhaps even build lifelong friendships.”

Tony Reyes, Director of Business Development, Lateral Data, Chicago, IL

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“Your presentation was one of the best and most valuable seminars I have ever attended--no exaggeration. It is less than 24 hours after leaving the seminar, and I have already put into practice some of the skills and suggestions you taught. I cannot wait to try out your Principles of Networking Naturally at my next networking event.”

Samantha Kravitz, Attorney, Delaney McKinney, LLP, Chevy Chase, MD

"I learned a lot in the Brand Story workshop and walked away feeling more hopeful about bringing my whole self to my vocation than I have in a long time."

Sarah Tyndall, CPA, Anchorage, Alaska


"Carol Ross' brand story workshop is a must for anyone searching for a job or even thinking of looking. She offers a unique way to break out of that boring list of accomplishments and set yourself apart. I loved how Carol encouraged us to analyze not just our work history but our personal life story.

Her hands-on questions helped me explore more about myself, what I want to accomplish and what I uniquely bring to my career - and how to begin weaving that into a story I can tell potential employers or anyone else. I left extremely inspired about my career path ahead!"

Tonya Papanikolas, broadcast journalist and former anchor of KSL-TV { Salt Lake City, UT }

Jennifer Wagner

"What I found most impressive about Carol's work is her ability to uncover the recurring theme throughout your life. Her process enables you to see different pathways and career choices where you will have the biggest impact."

Jennifer Wagner, investment banker turned global food security consultant