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I help misfits find their place in the world.

I’m Carol Ross. Career coach, writer, and speaker.

Have you had enough of conforming–sacrificing bits and pieces of who you are to fit in?

Are you yearning for wholeness and integration?

Are you ready to *finally* shine, rather than apologize for being an outlier?

If so, I can help you:
  • Find your sweet spot, where life and work come together
  • Go beyond making a career change, to creating career integration
  • Make meaning of the twists and turns of your career (and life)
  • Bring into exquisite clarity what your next chapter looks like

Intrigued? You’ve come to the right place. Read on.

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Let your flag fly high

Let your flag fly high

I was an outsider all of my life until one day…I stopped trying to fit in.

Because of that, I became more visible, in a good way. And because of that, I found kindred spirits. The act of standing out is the clarion call for like minds to come together. Finally, I found my place in the world.


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self, story, tribe

Three critical elements for helping people reach their goals: Self-Mastery, Story, and Tribe.

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Daniel Pink Testimonial

PageLines- danpink.jpg“Carol is the intelligent professional’s guide to navigating careers in a world where being competent is not enough… you’ll wish you had discovered her sooner.”

Daniel Pink, New York Times best-selling author of To Sell is Human, Drive, and A Whole New Mind


Jane Pauley Testimonial

PageLines- janepauley.source.todayshow.jpg“Carol Ross is a connector – and as natural as her message.”

Jane Pauley, author of Your Life Calling and former co-host of Today and Dateline NBC