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The Personal Journey

The Season of Tears

It’s the season of tears. That time of year when middle-aged men and women make their way to college campuses around the country, with one of their biggest accomplishments in life in tow–offspring who are ready to leave the nest. It is an act of love and faith, to leave your child in a strange…

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I Am Not a Career Coach

“I’m not a career coach.”  I uttered these words to an acquaintance yesterday, after an event, where the speaker (a friend) had just finished talking about career reinvention. Photo by Erich Ferdinand. That’s an odd thing to say for someone who has made her living for the last 13 years by helping professionals find more…

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Gifts of Joy and Playfulness

I grew up playing the flute, starting in fifth grade, and continuing through my freshman year in college. I was not particularly talented, but I worked hard. The musical notes were something to master as a technician. The competitions and auditions were a source of pride.  Being musical also paved the way to belonging. Doing…

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Unexpected Gifts in My Closet

I love gifts. Especially unexpected ones. Photo by Andre P. Meyer-Vitali For as long as I can remember, I have put artifacts and mementos from my life in shoe boxes. In the early years, a shoe box became the keeper of handwritten letters, ticket stubs, and theater programs. In the middle years, I stored birth…

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Falling In Love Again

When I took my first coaching training in 2003, I remember the feeling of a new world opening up to me–and the thrill of learning.  I soon discovered that coaching was not just a profession or a set of tools, but a way of life. The “being” of coaching translated into curiosity, playfulness, and exquisite…

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