I'm moderating a webinar on Encore Careers for the Northwestern University Club of Colorado on January 18 at 5pm Mountain Time. This event is open to the public.  Registration closes the morning of Jan 18. See below for more information:

U.S. Census statistics indicate a talent shortage by the year 2018.

Volunteers Yet, 78 million Baby Boomers make up the largest, healthiest, and best-educated population segment. They have the potential to help solve serious social problems and to bridge critical labor gaps in education, health care and the green economy. This adds up to a tremendous social impact called the Encore Career. Photo by vastateparkstaff

What is an Encore Career?   As defined by Civic Ventures, an organization leading the way on creating meaning in the second half of one's life:

An Encore Career consists of work after a primary career that combines continued income with personal meaning and social impact.

So if you are wondering what's next for you, join us. Here are some of the questions we'll address:

  1. What does job competitiveness look like for the experienced worker?
  2. How can I turn volunteering into a job?
  3. Where are the encore career opportunities – now and future?
  4. What need in the world aligns with my passions, gifts, educational background and experience?
  5. How do I make the transition from corporate to nonprofit?

In addition to a speaker, we'll also have three panelists who are in different stages of an encore career–from planning an encore career to being one of a select few nationally recognized for the impact of their encore career on society. 

Many wisdom entrepreneurs are playing out an encore career in doing their work.   Join us next Tues, Jan 18 and get inspired!

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