Hamid Biglari A Wall Street Journal article, "Physicist Makes "Big Bang" at Citi". Hamid Biglari's career highlights range from improving the efficiency of a fusion reactor to leading McKinsey's investment banking practice to helping restructure the financial services company, Citi, after one of the biggest government bailouts. He's a great example of a boundary crosser.  Photo: Citigroup.

What struck me in reading the article was this quote, which speaks directly to the idea of second curves for careers:

"I've always believed the best time to reinvent yourself is when you're on a high note as opposed to when in decline," he says. "Your options are larger that way."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Unfortunately, human nature is to ride out the good times, staying comfortable and complacent. It's only in the bad times, on the way down, that starting the next curve becomes a priority.

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