I was in Houston last week to work with a group of budding wisdom entrepreneurs–members of a women's networking group, lovingly known as the Power Chicks. (There was also one Power Dude, as you'll see from the following videos.)

At the end of the three hours, all of the participants had identified a next step that got them into action and moved them towards doing well and doing good in the world–from supporting caregivers to youth at risk to parents of kids with juvenile arthritis. See this quick video to get a feel for the energy in the room:

Houston, Feb 2009, A Bigger Voice seminar from Carol Ross on Vimeo.

What this means is that you can start from anywhere and make progress on transforming an idea into a movement. The concepts and principles of A Bigger Voice are sound. Well, I guess I knew that already but it's always good to confirm it in the field with a diverse group.

Carol and LauraMy thanks to the fabulous Laura Bellomy, the alpha Chick, who hosted this event. You'll be seeing more of Laura in the future, as I've lined her up as one the wisdom entrepreneurs I want to interview.

An offer for 2009:  Want to get some help transforming an idea into a movement? I'll do a four-hour seminar on A Bigger Voice, with up to 25 participants, anywhere in the US, for free. You'll need to pay my expenses, airfare from Denver, and do the marketing.  So start thinking about the budding wisdom entrepreneurs in your community who are ready to move into action. I can't wait to see what happens. Contact me through Twitter (@carolross) or via email: carol [at] abiggervoice [dot] com.

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