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Sacred Conversations on Work, Episode 11

Zack Johnson
GUEST: Zack Johnson
HOST: Carol Ross

Guest Contact Information: 

Zack Johnson on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zackj

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Currently the Vice President of Business Development at Visier, Zack Johnson is a thought-leader in the field of business analytics. As a young CEO and graduate of Northwestern University, Zack sold his first company, Syndio, before the age of 30. His passion for improving performance through analytics comes through in this lively conversation, in which a variety of subjects are discussed through Zack’s unique lens.

As a millennial, Zack offers insights into the changing landscape of employment in today’s marketplace. His optimistic vision for the next generation of leaders includes the integration of technology and analytics which we can only imagine today. By organizing companies using analytics and objective data, Zack hopes to streamline decision making and leadership. He describes a “major shift in how people manage people,” comparing today’s management to a plane without electronics on-board.

Listen in for a closer examination of business analytics, evolving technology, inspiring employees through leadership, mental health, personal development, and what millennials are looking for in a workplace.

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