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Sacred Conversations on Work, Episode 8

Leng Lim
GUEST: Leng Lim
HOST: Carol Ross

Guest Contact Information: https://www.mindkindinstitute.com/about

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Executive Coach Leng Lim joins host Carol Ross for a free-ranging conversation about the spiritual nature of business, and the soul. Leng has a fascinating perspective on life and work: a gay man raised in a strictly Christian home, a spiritual seeker with a Master’s of Divinity from Harvard who became a legendary leadership guru, Leng’s life defies categorization and his story is well worth a listen.

Leng has coached senior executives in the U.S., Europe, and Asia at leading companies such as Prudential Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CIMB, the National University of Singapore, and INSEAD’s Executive Education programs.


Leng’s coaching starts by introducing executives to their own inner lives, a critical step that has largely been ignored in a corporate culture, which tends to focus more on the external world. Leng has taught countless executives the ability to understand the psychological map that drives their decision-making processes. Listen as Leng gently presents the profound nature of business and discusses the responsibility that business leaders have to prudently manage their employees.

For more information on Leng or his executive or faculty development programs please go to his website: https://www.mindkindinstitute.com/about/

To contact Leng, email him at Leng [at] mindkindinstitute.com

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