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New Beginnings

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Fall is the time for new beginnings, isn’t it? Something about the school year starting, and anything–really anything–being possible.

What I’ve noticed is that in order to start something new, there has to be space to create. Which means letting go of the old stuff.

For several months, I’ve been decluttering my office, getting rid of paper files accumulated over the course of nearly two decades as a writer, coach, and consultant. I am finding outlines of past webinars and podcast interviews that I conducted, the beginnings of blog posts about my sons when they were in grade school, and notes from trainings on flower arranging and asking powerful questions for coaching. These are artifacts of past identities. They helped define me–10, 15 or 20 years ago. It’s not who I am today, even though I still enjoy interviewing, writing, and learning new skills.

As I put papers in the recycling bin, I can feel more freedom and room to breathe.

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels


Who am I now?

The first thing that pops into my head is: “I’m a spiritual being, having a human experience.”  This image infuses and delights me. It’s how I think of myself and what keeps me intrigued and engaged each day. I go back to this truth when I feel the world closing in on me, when duty supplants joy, when anxiety crowds out well-being.

Who am I now? 

It’s a question worth asking, from time to time. Others can see my evolution. It’s harder for me to see. A past client, who has known me for over 15 years, remarked, “You’ve come a long way!” When I asked her to say more, she noted that when I started coaching, I was “traditional”, with worksheets on values and tried and true assessments. Now, I deal in emotions and healing energy and higher wisdom from unseen entities. Who am I now? “I’m a healer, at a soul level.”

Who am I now? 

What’s more interesting to me is the question, “Who am I becoming?” The future determines the present, but we often think that our past determines the present.  For example, when I think about the future, do I feel dread and anxiety, or hope and optimism? The answer determines what kind of day I have, how I interact with clients and colleagues, and where I am willing to invest my time. Who am I becoming? “I am becoming free, filled with the ease of flow, the beauty of grace, and the truth of wisdom.”

If all of this sounds a little ethereal, good. Because life is more mystery than concrete answers. Our minds help us survive but it’s our hearts that enable us to thrive.

Start something new. Make space. Let go of who you thought you were, in favor of who you are becoming.

Keep asking, “Who am I now?” and “Who am I becoming?

These are big questions that can lead to dissolving pain, finding peace or experiencing joy. If you’ve been pondering big questions,  I can help.  Consider signing up for a private consultation with me, where  I will tap into a higher wisdom on your behalf. Click here for more info.