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Want More Connection? Try This.


I often hear people say they would like to have more connection in their lives. Whether it’s with friends or family or significant others, connection is nourishing. It’s a basic human need.

What I hear less of is the need to connect with oneself. I know from my experience of burning out that if you lose connection to yourself, it’s hard to connect to others. So now, I put that as a priority–taking the time each day to pause and take stock of how I am feeling.


Try This Practice

In as little as 120 seconds, you can restore your energy when you are flagging, clear out the cobwebs when you are feeling foggy, and restore a sense of peace when you are overwhelmed.

Follow these four simple steps:

  1. Bring your attention to your heart. If it helps, you can put your hand on your heart. What do you notice? What is the feeling? Common emotions are fear, worry, anger, or hurt.
  2. What does your heart need in this moment to heal this emotion?  It could be a quality such as safety, reassurance, or love.
  3. Send this quality to your heart.
  4. Continue sending until there is a shift in the feeling. Give thanks to your heart.

Let me know what happens by posting a comment below.

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