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Part 4: When Coincidence Meets Destiny

Photo by Anitha Kapu

Photo by Anitha Kapu


The following is Part 4 in a series of posts about my journey into the metaphysical world, starting with a ghostly image taken on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont and continuing with a surreal encounter during an acupuncture appointment in Colorado. If you missed any of the previous posts, click on the links below.

And now, Part 4 of this series…It was the summer of 2020. It had been nearly two years since my acupuncturist, Jane, facilitated a conversation with my deceased grandfather, one that brought forth remorse, compassion, forgiveness, and love. Had I really helped him to “pass over into the light” by my compassion and forgiveness around his misdeeds? Had he really “showered me with love” as a parting gift? The metaphysical is mysterious, but so is life. What I know for sure is that I felt intense emotions that day. My emotions are real and trustworthy.Photo by NikolinaNow, in the early days of the pandemic, I was on a Zoom call with Jane. When in-person appointments became too risky, Jane turned to her training in medical intuition and offered remote appointments. I was dealing with a flare up of TMJ pain and wanted to find the root cause.Jane’s reading gave me insight to this and more. What I heard was that I was not fully trusting myself. Instead, I trusted my intellect over my intuition. I was holding back on what I know, fearful of looking crazy.I had the ability to trust myself 100% and I was advised to shoot for 90%, saying yes to whatever comes to me.  In Jane’s words, “Give yourself permission to say what appears to be crazy.”  I knew that I could trust what comes to me when I write. Now, I was being asked to bring this to my speaking. I gave this piece of advice a cursory, “Yes,” and then gave it no more thought. In November 2020, I signed up for an introductory training on Akashic Records, hoping for tools to work more effectively with groups. I loved the training. I took two more classes and became an Akashic Records practitioner in 2021. Looking back, I see that this training gave me “permission to say what appears to be crazy.”  It provided a protocol, through prayer, for connecting with a higher power. With practice, I learned to trust whatever came through me, no matter how crazy it sounded. I gained confidence to bring all that I “knew”–through images, sensations, emotions, and words–to the client. Uncensored, without interpretation by my conscious mind, the information that came through brought peace and calm to tricky situations, compassion and forgiveness to long held grudges, and inspiration and guidance for new paths.


Photo by Johannes PlenioInterestingly, clients asked me about loved ones who had passed. Sometimes, it was a brother or a sister. Other times, it was a mother or father. I relayed images, sensations, emotions and words that came to me. Instead of receiving this information from a higher power, I was connected to a soul that had passed over, into the light. What I sensed with my heart (and not my mind!) brought peace and resolution. Thoughts that had weighed on, even haunted, my clients were dissolved. Clients’ penetrating questions were finally answered. My interactions with dead people didn’t spook me, just like my conversation with my grandfather, while highly abnormal, was not scary.Why is that? Jane and I are similar in that we have a deep capacity to create a container of love. It’s what we do. This is part of our work in the world, even though I call myself a leadership coach and Jane calls herself an acupuncturist. Immersed in love, we erase the illusion that we are separate from everything else. We tap into the truth that we are all One.


Photo by How Far From HomeI am grateful for this gift to access the metaphysical world. Here’s what I know now:We are each souls, who have come into a human body to learn lessons and to grow. When we leave that body, the journey continues. The healing continues. The love continues.Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series, Part 5.  I’ll share how my move from Colorado to Iowa was the last piece of the puzzle for fulfilling my soul’s divine purpose.

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