Who Is That Woman?

Photo by Dhinal Chheda

I was recently interviewed by Joan Sotkin, for her podcast, The Prosperity Show.  While I love being the interviewer, it’s just as fun being interviewed, when I can engage in interesting dialogue with interesting people.  That’s what this interview with Joan was like.

The interview took place several weeks ago. When Joan sent me the link to send to my peeps, I sat on it…again…and again.  Why? Because honestly, I had forgotten the specifics of the interview.  I only knew that it was fun and engaging.  And me having a good time doesn’t equate to an investment in anyone else’s time to give it a listen.

So two nights ago, after waking up at 3am and not being able to fall back asleep, I listened to myself being interviewed by Joan. I wanted to get a sense of the value for the listener.
looking in the mirror

Lots of people don’t like hearing themselves on a recording or seeing themselves on video.  This must be part of the human condition, because it seems to be so pervasive.  I hesitated as I listened to myself speak about all kinds of topics and at some point, the self-consciousness dropped away. Photo by Beverly.

What I heard was this: A woman who has her sh*t together.

I’m not saying that’s me all the time. But during that brief time on a beautiful day in May when Joan and I spoke, that’s who I was being.

To listen to the 45-minute interview, click on the play button below:



who is that woman1What you’ll hear:

  • My story of being a misfit
  • How I got my first clients when I started my coaching business
  • My philosophy on networking
  • What a brand story is and how it can benefit you, directly and indirectly
  • The role of conflict in creating a compelling story
  • The theme of my story and Joan’s story
  • What it takes to become more powerful and present in the world
  • Why being comfortable in your own skin can be so hard
  • speaking, with chime in handWhat authenticity looks like
  • Ways to have a voice, even if you are an introvert
  • How you can overcome the Curse of the Extra Smart People
  • Why going it alone is exactly what you don’t want to do as an entrepreneur
  • Ways to use LinkedIn to re-connect with others, in a genuine and natural way
  • The words to use when replying to LinkedIn invites from people you don’t know


How could you benefit from hearing yourself speak about topics you are passionate about?  My guess is that you would be surprised and delighted, with the sincere question, “Who is that person?” and the immediate reply, “Someone who has their sh*t together.”  

My thanks to Joan Sotkin, for helping me see myself more clearly, and engaging me in meaningful conversation.




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